we support businesses in turning ideas into succesful products

electronic devices are the heart of almost every product we use every day, at home, at work, in our leisure time

thanks to our deep knowledge of electronic components, continuous skills’ updates and 20 years of experience in production, we can design and develop high performing electronic devices that are cost effective and that allow for easy sourcing of components and assemblies and efficient production
Sviluppo interfacce
Hmi design
Servizi - Services
Progettazione elettronica
Electronics design
Realizzazione prototipi
Sviluppo SW e FW
Software and firmware design
Sistemi di testing
Testing systems design
Automazione industriale
Automation design
Via Remo Stortoni, 20 - Zona Industriale Romitelli
62019 Recanati (MC) Italia
P.IVA I-01839060439
Produzione elettronica
Electronics manufacturing
Industrializzazione prodotto
Product industrialization
count on us
from prototypes to test product design and functionality, to pilot runs, software fine tuning and validation tests, to pre-mass production in the introductory stages of product lificycle

wether your company needs production for the early days of a mass market product or if you operate in a niche market with smaller quantities, we support our customers supplying turnkey solutions
from material procurements all the way to final testing and programming, we take care of delivering an outstanding quality product information request on design & development request a quote for production or prototyping italiano english